Never Be Afraid to Take Up Space an interview with Teyana Trendz

Never Be Afraid to Take Up Space | Sante Grace Interviews Teyana
Women are often afraid to take up space. Society often teaches us to be small – out of sight and out of mind. Floating in the background with picture and no sound. Just like the women in silent movies.
Plus-size women and those in the LGBT+ community sometimes struggle to have the confidence to take up the space they deserve.
Our message at Sante Grace is clear. Never be afraid to take up space. Live your life as colorfully and loudly as you want. We only get one shot to write our story. You were born to be seen – not to sit quietly in a corner.
It’s the message behind our latest ad campaign ‘Never Be Afraid to Take Up Space’. We’ve partnered with the multi-talented Teyana from House of St Laurent on this campaign. She’s a trans, plus-size model who juggles life as a TV personality, songwriter, model, and host.
Not to mention the fact she’s an all-around inspiration.
You can watch our ad campaign with Teyana on our Instagram page. She’s teaching us all exactly what to do when someone complains about you taking up space.
Tea is best served in a sparkly tracksuit and a pair of killer heels.
We’ve sat down with Teyana to get her advice on how to take up space. She’s one of our role models and we’re proud to count her as part of the Sante Grace family.
With the holiday season in full swing, we hope Teyana and this campaign help you find the confidence to always take up the space you deserve.

We’re so excited to have you as the face of our latest campaign. What attracted you to working with Sante Grace?
Sante Grace is an amazing inclusionary brand. They pay great attention to detail with their intricate pieces of fashion.
Sante Grace does an exceptional job making sure no curve gets left behind. 
We love the idea of making sure no curve gets left behind! Curvy women often feel like they have to make themselves seem smaller. How do you practice ‘taking up space’ in everyday life?
Every day, I enter a room many feel that I shouldn’t be in. Whether it’s the board room or the restroom, I enter every room unapologetically.
I embrace my curves. I embrace my gender identity. 
We want everyone to embrace every inch of who they are. What do you look for when shopping for plus-size clothing? Are you driven by trends, or do you dress towards a specific aesthetic?
I look for designs that will compliment my curvy canvas. I have a curvy “coke bottle figure”. I shouldn’t put on clothes and feel like a two liter.
Many plus-size designs in my opinion conceal our sex appeal. I look for clothing brands that celebrate our curves. Brands who aren’t afraid to highlight us in a flattering way - brands such as Sante Grace. 
We’re all for celebrating our curves and believe fashion is the purest way of expressing who you are. It helps us show up in the world as the people we want to be. How do you use fashion to ‘show up’ in everyday life?
I express myself through fashion. Fashion gives me a superpower. I can literally be anyone I want to be. I’m a girl with multiple personas. Fashion allows me to be each one of my personas when I need to be. 
Fashion lets us show up as different versions of ourselves. Outside of fashion, how do you ‘show up’ for yourself every day?
I show up every day, even when I don’t want to because I have tons of kids who look up to me. I don’t do it for me, I do it for them. Through my music, modeling, and the house and ball community, I’m able to use these outlets as a way to inspire young trans youth. 
What’s your experience been like as a plus-size trans model in the fashion industry? What advice do you have for other plus-size trans models looking to break into the fashion industry and for those exploring their identity through fashion?
Just do it. Don’t let the dysphoria win. Fashion has no gender. You deserve to be front and center. You are enough. 
We love that message. Where would you like to see the fashion industry going in the future? Our goal is to create a more inclusive industry where everyone feels like they can wear their heart on their sleeve.
I want the fashion world to stop being afraid of curves. I want to see us on the front page more, front row at fashion week. Let us close out major fashion shows. I would also love to see high-end designers create more shoes for plus-size women. Shoes are just as important as the garments - create more inclusionary sizes.
Sante Grace is proud to stand with the trans community as an inclusive fashion brand. We want everyone to feel like they can take up space. People feel more confident when they see people who look and act like them. Representation is half the battle in creating a more inclusive fashion industry with diversity at its heart.
We’re proud to put Teyana at the heart of our latest campaign. You can shop her look from the ‘Never Be Afraid to Take Up Space’ campaign here.
This holiday season, we’re daring you to never be afraid to take up space. Shop the latest arrivals at the home of luxury plus-size fashion.

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