An Argument for the Well-Dressed – Hats All Year Long


Hats aren’t seasonal. Whether you’re a fan of baseball caps or cowboy hats, there’s a style out there for everyone. Wearing a hat isn’t just a fashion statement. Hats can protect your hair and skin from the cold, as well as UV rays.


There are two types of people in the world – the ones who wear hats every day and those who don’t. At Sante Grace, we’re team ‘hats all-year round’. You might wear hats occasionally, whether it’s for hiding a bad hair day or supporting your favorite sports team.


Hats are a summer staple, but it’s a well-dressed essential that you can be wearing all year long. A straw hat is a chic summer accessory that works from the poolside bar to the beach, but there are dozens of styles for you to choose from.


Are you still not convinced that hats are a go-to accessory? Let us give you an argument for the well-dressed.


Should You Wear a Hat All Year Long?

Not everyone is a hat person – we get it – but they should be. Hats aren’t just an accessory, they’re just as functional as they are stylish. While hats are an essential to combat the sun in summer and the freezing temperatures in winter, they offer protection all year long.


Did you know wearing a hat can help prevent early aging? It’s the easiest form of sun protection, all while giving you a quirky accessory to elevate your look.


There are dozens of hat styles to choose from with one to suit every face shape. Choosing the right hat for your face shape can make you look more stylish and accentuate your natural features.


Why Wearing a Hat is Stylish and Functional

Wearing a hat is one of the oldest fashion trends, evolving with time to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. Hats are an excellent way to show off your personality or complete an outfit, dressing it up or down to suit the occasion. Whether it’s a fascinator for a wedding or a beanie for a winter walk, hats are both stylish and functional.


Whatever you think of hats as a fashion statement, we can all agree that they’re multi-functional. Popping on a hat in summer will keep you cool and protect your scalp and hair from the sun. If you’re a fan of coloring your hair or have a sensitive scalp, this accessory is one your hair will thank you for!


Wearing a hat that helps shield your face will also lower UV exposure to keep your skin healthy. A hat can be just as important to your skincare routine as a $100 serum. Add a wide-brim hat to your beach bag and bring one along on your travels to stay looking chic, while protecting your skin and hair.


Hats aren’t just for summer. Wearing a hat in winter can also keep you warmer. Between 5 to 10% of your body heat escapes through your head with a hat helping to regulate your body temperature. A beanie or hat will keep your body warm and save your ears from frostbite!


You shouldn’t think of hats as just functional accessories. Sometimes, they’re an easy way to guarantee a spot on the best-dressed list. Some dress codes and occasions will call for a hat, usually a fascinator, pillbox hat, or wide-brim hat.


Weddings, church services, and specialist ceremonies that require formal attire will usually need a hat to ‘finish’ the look. Everyone from the Duchess of Sussex to Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker has been photographed wearing these hats.


Finding a Hat to Suit Your Face Shape

Not every hat will work for every face shape. It’s like finding the perfect pair of jeans. You want to find a hat style that will flatter your face shape and accentuate your natural features. We have a few tips on how to find the best hat style for your face shape.


  1. Oval face: You’re one of the lucky few who can wear any style of hat. Experiment with silhouettes and search for your signature style.
  2. Square face: Search for hats with a larger silhouette to balance your face shape. Hats that can be tilted sideways will also help maintain your face’s symmetry, such as fascinators.
  3. Round face: Go for the opposite of your face shape. Choose a straight-brim hat to counter-balance the roundness of your face.
  4. Oblong face: Wide-brim hats will prevent your face from appearing too elongated, while it’s best to avoid hats with too much height.


It can take a little trial and error to find the right hat for you. Having a signature hat style is one of the secrets to being well-dressed.


Types of Hat

If you’re a hat devotee, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when experimenting with styles. We’re sharing four of our favorite hat styles for plus-size women. These styles are universally flattering and blend functionality with timeless style.


  1. Sun Hat

Before you head to the beach or jet off on vacation, you need a sun hat. It’ll protect your hair, neck, and face from the sun while giving you a glamorous look. Wide-brim hats are ideal for days when you’ll be out in the sun, while a floppy hat is perfect for days of sightseeing, exploring, and hiking.


  1. Fedora

Wearing a hat doesn’t mean you can’t show off a fresh hairstyle. A fedora is a perfect way to draw the eye to your hair. Curl your hair and finish off the look with a pinched crease fedora in a teardrop or diamond shape for a classic look that will transition from one season to the next.


  1. Beret

The humble beret is a hat style that’s been going strong since the 19th century. Add a Parisian flare to your closet with a colorful beret that will give you an instant confidence boost. Channel your inner Emily in Paris!


  1. Turban

Do you need to conceal a bad hair day? Get a turban! This vintage-inspired headwear will elevate any look. It’s an easy way to keep your hair out of your face without damaging it while protecting your scalp from the sun.


Everyone can be a hat person – all it takes is finding the one for you. Discover your signature hat style by visiting our headwear collection at Sante Grace here.

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