What's the Best Site for Plus Size Clothing?

What’s the Best Site for Plus Size Clothing?


We all have websites that are our go-to shopping destinations. Maybe they’re the stores you follow on Instagram or the ‘new arrivals’ pages that you refresh every week. If you’re plus-sized, online shopping destinations can feel harder to find.


Most mainstream e-commerce websites continue to sell a limited size range that doesn’t extend to plus-size. That’s where we come in. We’re sharing the best sites for plus-size clothing. We’re covering everything from plus-sized workwear to the best places to buy sustainable plus-sized clothing.


Grab your credit card. It’s time to go shopping! Read on to find out more about the best places to shop online for plus size clothing.


  1. Sante Grace

Let’s start right here at Sante Grace. We’re a luxury plus size clothing line that caters to sizes 16 through 28. Our clothing is made for plus size women by plus size women.


We’ve spent our lives with our noses between the pages of Harper’s Bazar, Vogue, and Elle. We know the way your heart drops when you go into a shop and can’t find anything in your size. Your story is our story.


Sante Grace was launched with a mission to change the fashion industry from within. It’s our goal to make women look and feel beautiful.  We’re proud to be a sustainable plus-size fashion brand that pays the living wage and is doing our part to help the planet.


Our luxury plus size clothing range is designed to help you curate a capsule closet – from vintage-inspired kimonos and caftans to slip dresses and sequin jackets. Shop our latest plus-size clothing arrivals here.


  1. Insyze

Insyze is a plus size marketplace that focuses on sustainable and ethically made plus size fashion. It helps you personalize outfit ideas that are suited to your budget, size, and style.


You’ll find all your favorite plus size brands – including Sante Grace – at Insyze! What we love about Insyze is that it’s not just an online shopping destination. It’s a community for plus size people who share a positive vibe and support each other.


You can explore photos from customers for real-life size comparisons and even ask for recommendations. Insyze’s #NoTrollZone is the energy we want to see in the fashion world.


Insyze has four simple missions – to create a positive impact, boost body positivity and confidence, promote sustainability, and create a community that focuses on the love and acceptance of each other’s bodies. We’re right at home at Insyze. It’s one of the best plus size fashion websites online.


  1. Dia & Co

Dia & Co offers personal styling and plus size clothing for women exclusively in sizes 10-32. The brand believes that “style isn’t a set of rules. It’s a way to celebrate who you are”. We couldn’t agree more!


Their story is similar to our own. Dia & Co was launched by Nadia Boujarwah after struggling to find her size in mainstream fashion stores. The plus size website allows you to purchase a one-time box curated by a stylist or shop for pieces yourself.


Unlike other clothing style boxes, Dia & Co doesn’t require a rolling subscription, and each box is themed. You can choose between fall essentials, summer weekend, fall workwear, and summer dream denim – to name but a few!


Dia & Co stocks a range of independent plus size fashion brands. You’ll start your journey on the website with a personalized quiz to create your signature style profile. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re changing up your style or want to try something new.


  1. Baacal

At Sante Grace, we’re all about supporting independent fashion brands. Baacal is a plus size fashion brand founded by Cynthia Vincent, known for her exceptional eye and fashion that fits women of all sizes. Baacal was founded to give women the opportunity to show up in the world how we see ourselves.


Baacal considers itself the first “designer-led clothing brand for women who wear size 10-22”. The brand considers these women to be “the true majority”. Cynthia Vincent brings her fine eye for detail to create plus size clothing famous for its exceptional fit and luxury feel.


The brand combines sustainability, high-end style, and cut to create plus size clothing that will stay in your closet for years to come. Baacal is an American plus size brand through and through, with 80% of their collections made in LA using upcycled, existing, and vintage materials.  It’s the plus size brand to go to when you want to splurge on a forever piece.


  1. The Plus Bus

Want a plus size clothing brand that you can find online and in-store? The Plus Bus is one of the most inventive ideas in the industry. It was founded in 2015 by Jen Wilder & Marcy Guevara-Prete, who sold plus size clothing at events across Los Angeles.


The name ‘Plus Bus’ quickly became popular in Los Angeles as the pair hit the streets with their inclusive fashion message. It only took a year before The Plus Bus Boutique opened. You can find them in the trendy area of Highland Park on York Boulevard.


What makes The Plus Bus unique is that it’s a plus size consignment experience with styling service. You can explore new, consigned, and gently used second-hand plus-size clothing and accessories. We love that The Plus Bus is making the world of thrifted fashion accessible for curvier women.


Not in LA? Add a touch of California chic to your closet by shopping through their online boutique.


  1. ASOS

While we love supporting independent brands directly, marketplaces like ASOS can be a way to support these brands through new avenues. ASOS is expanding its range of plus size brands to cater to the growing demand for more inclusive fashion.


Simply curate your search on ASOS to its plus size category and explore thousands of garments.


Our advice? Support brands that love your size. Everyone deserves to be able to find clothes that make them feel and look good. While more brands are embracing plus sizes, the battle isn’t over. These six brands are the perfect place to start when looking for where to buy plus size clothing.


Where is your favorite place to shop for plus size clothing online? Let us know in the comments below!

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