The Upcoming 2023 Trends Everyone Is Talking About


 The year is still young, but 2023 fashion trends are already emerging. We’re moving further away from activewear and re-visiting classic trends of the early 2000s with a new look. The color story for 2023 fashion trends is bright hues, from cobalt blue to candy floss pink. We’re rounding up as many of the upcoming plus-size fashion trends as possible to help you find the ones to invest in this season.


The secret to finding the best 2023 fashion trends is to consider your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with trends and go outside your comfort zone, whether it’s trying new colors or investing in quirky accessories.


We’re sharing all the upcoming 2023 plus-size fashion trends that you need to have on your radar!

Cobalt Blue

It’s not sea blue. It’s not periwinkle. It’s actually cobalt blue. Anyone who has ever watched The Devil Wears Prada knows that there’s more than one shade of blue. While Miranda Priestly’s favorite cerulean blue isn’t trending this, cobalt blue is taking center stage.

This shade is replacing fuchsia pink as the color of the year. You’ll want to jump on the cobalt blue trend if you have a cooler skin tone as it’ll perfectly compliment your complexion. We expect to see this 2023 color trend pop up everywhere from costume jewelry to plus-size workwear and swimsuit.

Boudoir Inspired

2023 fashion trends are taking inspiration from the bedroom – or rather, the boudoir. While this fashion trend isn’t office appropriate, it’s the perfect way to add a seductive twist to your evening wear. The boudoir trend includes everything from wearing corsets as outerwear to styling lace gloves and hold-up stockings with your favorite little black dress.

Hearts Everywhere

Love is in the air with this 2023 fashion trend. Hearts are everywhere you look this season. It’s one of the most popular spring/summer 2023 trends and one of the easiest to add to your closet. Look out for heart motifs on fabrics and statement prints that will have you falling head over heels. Hearts are popping up everywhere from dresses to PJs and handbags.

Candy floss Pink

2023 marks the release of the highly anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie with Margot Robbie, so it’s no surprise that pink is having another color moment this year. 2022 was all about fuchsia pink, while candy floss pink looks to be the go-to for 2023.

This softer shade of pink has a pastel hue and is more wearable than its fuchsia counterpart. You can embrace this trend by experimenting with head-to-toe color blocking or adding it as a pop of color with a statement accessory. For 2023, you want to think pink!

Reimagined Denim

At Sante Grace, we’re reimagining denim for 2023. Japanese denim is taking center stage with our range of luxury plus-size denim. We’re bringing the world-renowned Japanese denim to the plus-size market for the first time. It comes hot the heels of this year’s denim fashion trends, from the return of the denim jacket to double-waisted jeans and denim shirts. Update your closet for 2023 with a new denim staple.

Flower Power

Fashion trends for 2023 aren’t shying away from femininity. Flower power is back with a bang for 2023. While Miranda Priestly might not describe florals as “groundbreaking” the latest evolution of this trend is more three-dimensional. Look out for shirts and silhouettes that incorporate clever placement for big impact. This trend is one every ‘80s kid will enjoy!


Fringing is getting a modern reinvention in 2023. We don’t mean the messy fringing of the early 2000s, but the elegant fringing of the flapper era. Whether you’re attending a cocktail party or your best friend’s wedding, fringe is adding a bohemian feel to evening attire – but it’s not just for night-time. Fringe is popping up in swimwear, t-shirts, and blouses.

Soft Tailoring

Tailoring changed after 2020. The rise in activewear and athleisure means most 2023 fashion trends are still comfort-focused with soft tailoring being no exception. This trend is all about creating slouchier shapes with oversized silhouettes for a softer look. You’ll find most soft tailoring looks focused on a color pallet of light neutrals and earthy neutrals. 

Sheer Clothing

It’s time to bare it all. Sheer clothing is one 2023 fashion trend we’re expecting to dominate the red carpet and street wear. This risqué trend is perfect if you want to shake up your closet and try something different. You can make this trend more modest by layering sheer clothing over a silk underlayer for the best of both worlds.

Party Bags

The clutch is back. The bag that will complete any ‘going out’ look, whether you’re having brunch with your girlfriends or catching a Beyonce concert. The party bag trend is all about showing that ‘more is more’ with heavy embellishments, splashes of colors, and sleek metallic finishes.

Black in Summer

Black is a neutral that most of us wear all year round, but the chances are that you don’t consider it a summer shade. 2023 fashion trends are turning this on its head by embracing black for summer. The secret to incorporating black into your summer closet is to look for lightweight fabrics and luxurious textiles that create a softer appearance.

Cargo Trousers

Utilitarian fashion trends are making an appearance in 2023. Don’t fear. These aren’t the low-rise cargo trousers of the early 2000s. Those can stay at the back of your closet.

This 2023 fashion trend gives the humble cargo trousers an elevated update with a tailored silhouette and creative pocket placement. You can expect to see cargo trousers in more than the traditional khaki and olive shades. This 2023 trend is one of our favorites for plus-size women thanks to their high-rise silhouette and loose fit.

These 12 trends give you a taste of what’s to come for 2023. This year’s fashion trends are all about revisiting old favorites and reimagining timeless classics for extra functionality. Get ahead of the 2023 trends by shopping the latest luxury plus-size fashion arrivals at Sante Grace here.

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