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How to Care for Your Plus-Size Clothing


Carrie Bradshaw once famously said, “I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet”. You don’t need to be a SATC character to know that your closet is an investment. We all spend hundreds – even thousands – of dollars every year curating a closet that captures our personal style.


That’s why it’s so important to know how to care for your plus-size clothing. Giving your clothing a little TLC can help you wear them for years to come. Sustainability is one of the hot topics in fashion right now. While you should support ethical manufacturing, it’s just as vital that you know how to care for your clothing.


The best way to lower our carbon footprint is by choosing to support ethical plus-size fashion brands and looking after our clothes. A few easy changes can keep your clothes looking brand new for years to come.



  1. Save Energy, Wash on Low

Stick to lower temperatures when washing your clothing. This simple change is a win-win. It helps to lower your energy usage and helps prevent color fading from bright garments. If you live in color, you want to maintain the fabric’s pigment by washing it at a low temperature.


Keep your washing machine at 30 degrees or lower to protect your clothes and reduce energy emissions. However, not all plus-size clothing should be washed on low. Keep your plus-size lingerie and underwear separate to wash at a higher temperature with your bedding.


  1. Wash Your Plus-Size Clothing Less

It’s easy to think you have to wear your clothes every time you wear them. While this might seem like it’ll keep your clothes clean, it can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your clothes.


The big issue comes from dry cleaning your clothing. You want to avoid dry cleaning unless your clothes have been deeply stained or if it’s an outfit for special occasions. The chemicals used by professional dry cleaners to remove tough stains can damage the fibers in most natural fabrics.


Steam your clothing between washes or hang it up in your bathroom to freshen the garment up. Who can complain about less laundry?


  1. Read the Care Labels

Are you not sure how to care for your plus-size clothing? Just the cheat sheet! The care label on the inside of your garment will give you the best advice on how to look after your clothes.


Not every material is looked after the same way. The care label will show the recommended temperature or maximum temperature that the garment can be washed at. It’ll also provide specific instructions for any delicate fabrics, such as silk and cashmere.


The care label isn’t always the gospel truth. While a label may read ‘dry clean only’, you can still care for the garment at home by washing it on a gentle cycle with a low temperature. You can also choose to hand wash your clothes in a basin with a gentle solution.


  1. Turn It Inside Out

One of the easiest tips for caring for your plus-size clothing is to wash your clothes inside out. Don’t overfill your clothing and turn your clothes inside out to avoid damaging the fabric fibers by causing friction. Washing your clothes less often means your machine shouldn’t be too full.


  1. Invest in Eco-Friendly Detergent

Most of the tips on how to care for plus-size clothing have one thing in common – they also help the environment. Investing in eco-friendly detergent will increase the lifespan of your clothing and keep it looking fresh for longer.


Look out for detergents made with biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients. They’ll be kinder for your skin and better for the garment fibers.


  1. Air Dry Your Clothes

If there’s one thing that we hate more than clothes that aren’t size-inclusive, it’s doing laundry. While you might be tempted to throw your damp clothes into a tumble dryer, fresh air is always better.


Machines can damage the fibers of your garment by causing friction, especially if you overload the machine. Instead, invest in a dryer rack or clothesline to air dry your clothes. Some clothing will need to be dried flat to maintain the fiber’s shape, such as wool.


  1. Avoid Dry Cleaning

No one likes paying for dry cleaning. In fact, most people avoid buying plus-size clothing that says ‘dry clean only’ on the label. The chemical process of dry cleaning is best reserved for garments that have been stained, damaged, or that you don’t intend to wear too often.


While you want to dry clean a wine-stained cocktail dress, your favorite jeans are best kept out of the dry cleaners.


  1. Store Your Clothes Properly

Knowing how to store your plus-size clothing is key to looking after them. It’s time to give your closet a refresh and reorganize it. Your clothes should be kept in a cool and dry space, away from heat and sunlight. You want to avoid anything that can make your clothing damp.


Nothing should be in your closet if it isn’t clean. If dirt is allowed to stay on your clothes long-term, it can damage the fabric. Your clothes also need a little breathing space to stop them from wrinkling or losing color from friction. Wooden and padded hangers are the best option for keeping your closet clean and organized.


Fans of plus-size knitwear will need to give their clothes a little more TLC. Add a lavender ball in with your knitwear to keep the clothes protected from moths.


  1. Alter Your Clothes to Fit

Want to make your clothes look designer? Get them altered. Having your plus-sized clothes tailored is great for those between sizes or who struggle to find the perfect fit. It’s also an easy way to keep your favorite clothes as your body changes with life.


You can work with a tailor to give a favorite piece a new lease of life. Altering a hemline or changing the waist can make your outfit look entirely new. Every piece in your closet deserves to evolve with you.


  1. Repair Damaged Clothing

Don’t let damage go unnoticed. How often have you found a blouse with a missing button or a dress with a hole that you forgot about? More often than not, these garments will end up going to landfills. If a button is out of place or a hole is starting to form, it’ll likely get worse over time.


Take a few seconds to check over your clothes before putting them away. Don’t forget to de-pill your jumpers and sew any holes or rips in your clothes.


Learning how to care for your plus-size clothing is a win-win. You’ll get to enjoy your clothes for longer and even save a little money in the process. Are you looking to refresh your closet? Shop the latest plus-size arrivals at Sante Grace here.






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