The Dolly Collection


    Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? I've never met the lady but I've admired her business acumen, generosity, and wardrobe from afar and it was Dolly who kept popping up in my mind as I upcycled and reimagined this denim collection.  And then Beyonce did her Beyonce thing and now we're all loving country music. 

    Ok here's the deal. The rhinestones are hand applied. First my tailors glue them on and then hand and machine sew. All so you can dance and twist and turn without fear of your rhinestone popping off. The stones are from a premium dealer here in Los Angeles and are polished so they shine BRIGHT in light. These jeans are selling for more than $500 in straight sizes. We're bringing you denim with an amazing fit and 3 lbs of bling.

    Our embellished jeans are over the top - just the right amount. Made to accentuate your curves. We've been making this look for private clients and finally I came across stock in bell bottoms that allow me to make them for you. Again, the applique is hand and machine stitched and you'll love the way the jeans fit.


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