What Do I Wear If I’m Plus Size and Overheat in Hot Weather?

What Do I Wear If I’m Plus Size and Overheat in Hot Weather? 


We all struggle in the heat. With temperatures rising, we’ve all got to get used to hotter seasons. It doesn’t mean we have to get used to being uncomfortable. Being plus size makes navigating heat waves a little more difficult. We’ve all got horror stories of chafing in the summer heat.


The key to being comfortable if you overheat in hot weather is to choose the right outfit. There are a few golden rules everyone should know – choose loose-fitting clothes, stick to light colors, invest in breathable fabrics, and trust your anti-chaffing shorts.


At Sante Grace, we curate our clothing collections with plus size bodies in mind. You deserve to look and feel comfortable while expressing yourself through your clothes.


We’re sharing ideas on what you should wear if you’re plus size and overheat in hot weather. It’s all about putting comfort first to see you through the heat wave in style.


  1. Shorts, shorts, and more shorts

You can’t survive a heatwave as a plus-size woman without shorts. Anti-chafing shorts are our ride and die. You can style them under anything, from a mini skirt to a maxi dress. Anti-chafing shorts can double as shapewear, giving you a smooth foundation while keeping your thighs free of chafing.


We all know that lingerie is what makes or breaks your outfit. Bras and underwear that don’t fit right will ruin even your favorite outfit. You want to make sure your bra fits properly, even if it means booking an appointment at your local store. Invest in lightweight cotton underwear that hugs your curves and doesn’t create a visible panty line.


The part of plus-size underwear that often gets overlooked is anti-chafing shorts. When the weather is hot, you’ll always find us wearing a pair. Shop around for a pair in a lightweight and breathable fabric that you can wear without overheating.


You want to consider your usual outfit choices when buying anti-chafing shorts. Ideally, you want a length you won’t see under your skirts or dresses. Think about your hemlines and choose anti-chafing shorts that work for you. Stock up on neutrals and skin-tone shades for extra versatility.


  1. Maxi Dresses and Caftans

Our heatwave capsule closets are built around maxi dresses. Heading for brunch? Slip into a maxi dress. Attending a wedding? Elevate a maxi dress with stilettoes and accessories.


Maxi dresses tick all the boxes by offering style and comfort. They’re ideal for plus-size women with a flowing silhouette. You can wear your anti-chaffing shorts underneath to help you dance the night away.


Caftans are a vintage-inspired option that will see you through every heatwave. At Sante Grace, our ‘The Muse’ Italian silk caftans are the backbone of our summer wardrobes. Whether you’re jetting off on a tropical vacation or going to the beach, a caftan will help you channel your inner goddess.


Add a kimono over your caftan to take your look from day to night. Wearing lightweight layers is the perfect way to stop yourself from overheating if you’re plus sized.


  1. Maxi Skirts

Maxi dresses aren’t for everyone. If you want a more laid-back look, swap it out for a maxi skirt. While we love denim for winter, skirts give you coverage from the sun and extra breathability.


While you might think a mini skirt will stop you from overheating, it can often add to your discomfort. A longer garment – such as a maxi skirt – will keep you cool with extra airflow. Look out for plus-size maxi skirts with a circular or A-line silhouette to help you stay cool.


Our ballet skirt and crop top set are one of our favorite plus-size outfits for hot weather. Style with sandals for a casual look or sparkly stilettoes for a night on the town.


The golden rule for maxi skirts is to look for breathable fabrics, such as cotton, and a wider silhouette. Don’t forget to slip on your anti-chaffing shorts.


  1. Ditch the Sleeves

Being plus size means you might be self-conscious about your arms. Lots of us rely on cardigans for an extra confidence boost. When the temperatures start rising, you want to ditch the sleeves. Your cardigans will still be there in the fall.


Choose a sleeveless outfit if you're plus size and overheat in hot weather. Lather up with SPF and let your arms breathe! It’ll be easier to keep your body cool and stop you from overheating.


Remember: your body is beautiful. Let your body breathe and stay cool in the heat. A bodysuit is a perfect way to ditch the sleeves.


  1. Keep Layers to a Minimum

Layers are a plus-size girl’s best friend. When temperatures start to rise, this isn’t always the case. If you overheat in hot weather, keep your layers to a minimum. You don’t want your clothes to start clinging to your skin.


You want to keep your layers to no more than 3 or 4, including your anti-chaffing shorts and underwear. It’s why we recommend sticking to maxi dresses or long skirts. Keep a kimono close at hand for when you’re around air conditioning but avoid heavier layers. The last thing you want is sweat patches on your clothes.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Feet!

Plus-size outfit ideas for hot weather often forget to mention shoes. You want to choose shoes that are comfortable to wear and that will support you through the heatwave. Our feet are the part of our body that will start to swell in the heat.

Just like your arms, you want to let your feet breathe. Leave your boots and heavy footwear in the closet for another season. You want to let your toes wiggle around in flats or sandals. You’ll also want to consider your lifestyle needs. If you spend time outdoors, you want lightweight shoes with extra grip.


Everyone deserves to be comfortable in hot weather. Our guide on what to wear if you’re plus-size and overheat in hot weather is a reminder that our bodies are beautiful. Shop the latest arrivals at Sante Grace to build your plus-size capsule closet.

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