Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta

I don’t remember how or why I found myself watching a film called Something Wild. I can’t remember if I was in “the business” yet but my God, Ray Liotta jumped off the screen. He was menacing, honest, and SEXY! He was the kind of actor I would become famous (mildly) for representing. Philp Seymour Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Jamie Hector, Ray Liotta, Brian Cox, Sean Penn, Michael Kenneth Williams – I have many favorites - and without knowing him Liotta was special to me.  Everyone is talking about Liotta in Goodfellas which is a work of art but watch him in Cop Land. Watch him in Something Wild. You can’t take your eyes off the man. When I finally formed my own agency we shared a client with Liotta’s manager and I was always a tinge jealous. The client we had together was dope. Amazing really and then there was Liotta out there on an island all his own.

How does Ray Liotta relate to fashion or a plus size clothing collection? Not at all. But instead of Sante Grace being like many brands and our emails always being about what you should buy I guess I wanted to reach out and be understood. As I look back over my life/career rarely have I ever done anything just for money. For me it’s about passion and excellence. And fun.  I’m passionate about providing choices for plus size women and passionate about the work I do in entertainment.

Hit me back. I’m a little melancholy but as I look out over my messy and crowded dining room (command central) I have to thank God. I’m doing what I love. And I get to make clothes that allow me to show up in the world the way I want to. Thank you Michael and Ray for leaving us with the gift of your work.


And I hope all of you are working toward whatever is your passion.



 Tracy Christian