What’s Wrong with Plus-Size Clothing?

What’s Wrong with Plus-Size Clothing?


We believe that every body type is beautiful. As a plus-size clothing brand, we’re passionate about changing the industry from within. Although over 70% of American women wear a size 16 or over, the industry continues to build its standards around smaller sizes.


The reality is that most of the plus-size clothing on the market isn’t fit for purpose. It’s often a design that’s been simply scaled up from its standard size or constructed with inexpensive fabric to lower costs.


Sante Grace is here to change that. We strive to create the most inclusive plus-size clothing brand that puts quality and design at the forefront. We’re here to change what’s wrong with the plus-size clothing industry.


As plus-size women, we all share similar stories. Clothes that don’t fit, inconsistent sizing, and fabric that rips after one wear. What’s the problem with plus-size clothing? The answer typically lies in the design.


We’re sharing what’s wrong with plus-size clothing and how Sante Grace is changing the industry from within.


  1. Mainstream Brands Use Cheap Fabric

Mainstream brands often claim that they can’t produce the same clothing in bigger sizes and offer them at the same price. As the cost of fabric is higher on plus-size garments, many brands choose to swap out their normal fabric for cheaper alternatives.


This mentality is incorrect. Just look at an ‘oversized’ blazer that has a size 12 label. It could very well fit a size 16 or more as a standard fit.


You shouldn’t have to settle for cheap low-quality fabric. At Sante Grace, we combine affordability with quality. We use luxury deadstock fabric, giving you access to some of the highest-quality and most sought-after fabrics without the eye-watering price tag.


  1. Designs Intended for Slimmer Body Types

Plus size women want more than just better fabrics. They want clothing that is actually designed for them. Most mainstream brands are guilty of taking designs in a small sample size and sticking an ‘XXL’ label on them without alternating the overall design.


A plus-size design has to take into consideration how our bodies are different. We need extra allowance in the arm holes and shoulders. Our thighs need a little extra wiggle room, and our clothing should actually fit - the same way it’s meant to fit smaller sizes.


Our clothes are designed for plus-size women by plus-size women. We know all the nuances that come with plus-size clothes. We live our lives in them. Our team designs the clothing that they would wear with garments to made to flatter curvier body types.


If a design is made with plus-size bodies in mind, the design may need to be entirely changed to maintain the correct fit. The best way to create clothing for plus-size women is to design it for them.


  1. Cheaply Constructed Garments

Have you ever bought a dress with a zipper that doesn’t work or a fabric that rips after one wear? Most mainstream plus-size clothing cuts corners with cheap construction. Sante Grace is a luxury plus-size clothing brand that sits at an attainable price point. We don’t cut corners.


Our pattern marker, Adolfo, has worked with some of the recognizable fashion brands in the world, including Versace. Your garments are given the same love and attention to detail as couture pieces.


  1. Improper Pattern Scaling

When a brand creates a design, they make it in a sample size. This sample size is then used to scale the pattern or design to larger sizes. Most brands use a standard size sample for their plus-size ranges. Scaling a patterned dress from a size 6 to a size 20 will naturally distort the pattern and silhouette.


As a plus-size brand, Sante Grace uses a 2x sample size that converts to a US 20/22. By choosing this sample size, we’re able to accurately scale patterns for smaller and larger sizes across our range. We want our clothes to look good in every size!


The Problem Plus-Size Women Face

Shopping for plus-size clothing can feel like a catch-22 problem. You don’t want clothing that will only last one wear and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing that might go out of style. Some plus-size clothing looks like it hasn’t changed in decades. While caftans are chic, you should be able to wear a mini skirt or slip dress.


We also can’t forget about accessories. Most footwear is designed for slimmer sizes. If you’ve ever tried shopping for boots, you’ll be familiar with the struggle. It can be difficult to find knee-high boots that are wide enough in the calf area for most plus-size women. You may also deal with the double problem of having a larger foot size, as most plus-size women do.


Jewelry is another accessory range that often excludes plus-size women. We naturally have larger fingers and need an extended sizing range for bracelets and rings. We’ve curated a range of accessories, including plus-size jewelry, that’s designed for all women with an inclusive sizing range.


Unlikely accessories, just like handbags, can often exclude plus-size women. Have you ever tried on a cross-body bag when you’re plus-size? Often the bag will end up sitting right under your boobs, instead of at your waist.



What Should I Look for In Plus-Size Clothing?

Plus-size clothing should be thoughtfully designed, well-constructed, and accurately scaled. We know that plus-size clothing can be beautiful and designed to last. Let’s change the fashion industry together.


Support plus-size clothing brands that curate every aspect of the design process for plus-size women. Trust us. We’ve been in your shoes. Our team knows the frustrations of shopping for plus-size clothing. Most American women are plus size. We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident in the clothing we wear.


Invest in plus-size clothing that uses high-quality fabrics and top-notch construction with designs made for plus-size women.


You deserve to look (and feel!) beautiful. That stands with finding brands that curate for plus-size women. We hope you can find a home with Sante Grace. Discover our range of luxury plus-size clothing here.

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