10 Easy Outfit Combinations for Plus Size Suits and Sets

When it comes to dressing with confidence and style, choosing the right suits and sets for plus size figures can be a game-changer. We understand the challenges and the joys that come with selecting outfits that not only fit well but also make you feel fabulous. That's why we emphasize the importance of quality pieces that are tailored to not just fit, but flatter. Our collection offers a variety of styles that cater to both professional settings and casual weekends, ensuring that every woman feels her best no matter the occasion.

Diving into our styling tips, we start with the essentials of choosing the right suit or set. It's about more than just the size; it's about the fit, the fabric, and how it complements your individual shape. From there, we explore different ways to enhance these outfits, focusing on accessorizing strategically to elevate your look. 

Whether you're preparing for a critical board meeting or dressing up for a relaxed Saturday, we're here to guide you through creating stunning ensembles with ease. Let's unlock the potential of your wardrobe with suits and sets that are as versatile as they are stunning!

Essential Tips for Selecting Plus Size Suits and Sets

When we shop for plus size suits and sets, it's crucial to focus on fit and comfort. We always recommend starting with the essentials, like ensuring the suit jacket closes comfortably without straining, which can create a polished look. Pants should sit snugly at your waist without digging in, promoting both comfort and a sleek silhouette. Another tip is to pay attention to the fabric. We opt for materials that offer a bit of stretch to enhance mobility and maintain comfort through long days at the office or events.

Furthermore, it's important to consider the color and pattern of the suit. Darker colors tend to create a slimming effect, while vertical stripes can elongate your figure. We encourage mixing and matching different textures and shades within your wardrobe to find the style that best expresses your personality while fitting like a dream.

Five Chic Workday Outfit Combinations with Plus Size Suits

Transitioning from a basic suit set to a fabulous workday outfit requires just a bit of creativity. Here are five chic combinations to try:

  1. Classic with a Twist: Pair a black suit with a bright blouse to add a pop of color. This contrast not only perks up the outfit but also keeps the look professional and lively.
  2. Bold and Beautiful: Wear a patterned suit set with a solid color top that complements one of the hues in the pattern. This look is all about making a statement while keeping it sophisticated.
  3. Layered Charm: Try a sleeveless vest suit over a long sleeve shirt. This adds dimension and interest to your outfit, making it perfect for transitioning between seasons.
  4. Soft and Sleek: Combine a soft pastel suit with a white or light gray blouse. This combination is ideal for spring and showcases a gentle yet powerful aesthetic.
  5. Monochrome Magic: Opt for an all-one-color suit and shirt ensemble. Complement it with accessories like belts or scarves in contrasting colors to add depth to the outfit.

Each of these combinations ensures you step into your workplace feeling confident and stylish, ready to tackle the day's challenges with unstoppable elegance. By exploring different patterns, colors, and layering techniques, we can maximize the potential of our wardrobe and enjoy a variety of polished and professional looks.

Three Stylish Weekend Looks Using Plus Size Sets

When the workweek ends, it's time to slide into something that combines comfort with laid-back style. We've put together three weekend looks using our plus size sets that are perfect for whatever your weekend plans hold. First, for a day of shopping or brunch with friends, try a soft knit set. Pair it with comfortable flats and a denim jacket for a casual yet chic look. Next, for an afternoon event or a family gathering, opt for a floral or bold patterned set that really makes a statement. Pair this set with sandals and minimal jewelry for a polished, effortless ensemble. Lastly, for a relaxed evening at home or a casual dinner out, consider a cozy velour set. Add a pair of stylish sneakers and a simple tote bag to keep it practical yet trendy.

Accessories to Enhance Your Plus Size Suits and Sets

The right accessories can transform any suit or set from basic to brilliant. When we're talking about accessorizing plus size suits and sets, it's all about creating balance and adding personal touches that express individual style. For suits, consider a statement belt that not only accentuates your waist but also adds a splash of personality. An elegant watch or a pair of sophisticated cufflinks can elevate your look instantly. For sets that might seem simple, a vibrant scarf or a trendy hat can add color and character. 

Don't forget about footwear – a pair of high-quality leather shoes can carry the entire outfit, while stylish boots might be better suited for colder weather. Remember, our collection also features an array of handbags and sunglasses that provide the perfect finishing touch to your outfits, ensuring you look put together and fashionable.


As we wrap up our journey through the exciting world of styling plus size suits and sets for various occasions, it's clear that these pieces are not just clothes. They are expressions of personal style, confidence boosters, and versatile components of any wardrobe. Whether you're preparing for a crucial meeting or planning a relaxed weekend, remember that with the right combination of clothes and accessories, you can wear your outfits with confidence and flair.

For more inspiration and to explore our latest collection of plus size luxury clothing, sets, and accessories, visit us at Sante Grace. Discover how easy it is to express your unique style while enjoying fashion that's designed with your comfort and elegance in mind. Shop now and embark on your journey to redefine plus size fashion with us.

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