How to Dress when you are over 50

How to Dress When You’re Over 50 (or 60) and Overweight


In the ‘90s, turning 50 was seen as the end of a chapter. The characters in ‘Golden Girls’ were all in their 50s and portrayed as grandmothers. Flash forward to today and the characters in the Sex and the City reboot, ‘And Just Like That’, are the same age. All it takes is a side-by-side photo comparison to see how differently women dress at 50 today than they did in the ‘80s.


You can be more stylish at 50 than you were in your 20s. It’s all about understanding your body – especially if you’re plus-sized. Stop seeing your 50s as a time to hide away. While you might be starting to consider retirement, your 50s are a chance to start a second chapter of your life.


Don’t spend your 50s hiding behind loose or baggy clothes. These oversized clothes can make you look bigger than you are, even making you look shapeless. Instead, let Sante Grace show you how to dress for your body.


Our styling guide shares everything you need to know about how to dress when you’re over 50 and overweight. Take the time to learn about your body, fall in love with it, and start wearing the clothes that make you love and feel amazing.


What Trends to Avoid When You’re Overweight

Almost every trend can be made plus-size friendly. There’s one thing that you should avoid wearing when you’re overweight – clothes that don’t fit you. Finding your personal style in your 50s isn’t easy. It starts by understanding what your body type is and the clothes that complement your complexion.


There are a few things you should avoid when you’re over 50 and overweight.


  1. Long, old-fashioned skirts

We all love a midi skirt, but old-fashioned skirts quickly make you look like a character from a period drama. Swap long skirts for a midi-length style. Our faux leather skirt ticks all the boxes as a timeless piece that you can transition effortlessly from one season to the next.  Avoid falling into the trap of old-style fashion by experimenting with timeless pieces.


  1. Ill-fitting denim jeans

Denim is not made equal. Plus-size women typically need high-waisted denim, whether it’s jeans or skirts. The jeans you’ve been wearing since your 30s probably won’t fit you anymore. Find a pair of denim jeans you love and buy them in every color. Our ‘Tracy’ denim jeans are made with extra stretch to hug your curves and accentuate your natural figure.


  1. Clothes that don’t fit

We all have clothes in our closets that don’t fit anymore. If you’re between sizes, you may still be wearing clothes that don’t fit comfortably. Wearing clothes that are too small can make you look bigger and draw attention to all the wrong parts.  If your weight fluctuates, it’s worth taking your clothes to a tailor to have them fitted. Tailoring your clothes can instantly elevate your look, especially on a budget.


What to Wear When You’re Over 50

What should you be wearing in your 50s? It’s the perfect time to enter a new chapter in your life by experimenting with fashion. We have five things that you should be wearing when you’re plus-size and over 50.


  1. Experiment with color

50 shades of grey aren’t what you should have in your closet. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors in your 50s. It’s worth taking the time to find out what colors work with your skin tone and complexion. Blue, green, and purple compliments cool undertones. If you have warmer undertones, wear earthy colors.


  1. Play with necklines

Your 50s are when most people start to dress conservatively. Don’t fall for this myth. One of the easiest ways to update your closet in your 50s is to play with necklines. A boat neckline is one of the most universally flattering for women over 50. Look for necklines that help to elongate your neck and create a slimming illusion.


  1. Elevate your knitwear

You deserve to invest in your closet. Use your 50s to elevate your knitwear, including sweaters. It’s time to treat yourself to your first cashmere sweater and the softest cotton knits you can find. Your skin will love you for abandoning the synthetic knitwear that irritates your skin.


  1. Try a new waistline

Your waistline can instantly transform your silhouette. Most plus-size women over 50 haven’t updated the waistline that they’re wearing.  A high-rise skirt or jeans are your best-friendly, they’ll help to smooth your shape and elongate your length.


  1. Dress for your body type

Your 50s should be spent discovering yourself. It starts with finding your best silhouette. Take the time to discover what your body shape is and start shopping for it. Once you’ve invested in signature pieces, find a tailor to start working with. You can take a $50 pencil dress and make it look designer-worthy with a little nipping and tucking from a tailor.


What Clothes to Invest in When You’re Over 50

Getting older means you often become wiser – but you don’t have to. Your 50s are a time to explore your personal style. Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Viola Davis, Diane Keaton, and Halle Berry are showing that age is only a number. Invest in clothes that show your personality and work for your lifestyle.


Your 50s are a time to invest in timeless staples with a few contemporary additions. Splurge on the leather jacket you’ve always wanted or the designer sneakers that you’ve had on your wish list for five years.


Here are four of our favorite Sante Grace pieces for plus-size women over 50:


  1. The ‘Collette’ Dress

A lightweight little black dress that will be a hero piece in your closet. This dress will take you from a day at the office to grabbing drinks with your girlfriends.

  1. Octavia Jumpsuit

Every woman needs a power suit. The ‘Octavia’ jumpsuit is the statement piece that guarantees you a spot on the best-dressed list.


  1. Faux Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are comfort meets fashion. This closet staple will hug your curves and keep you looking chic while running errands.


  1. The ‘Barre’ Leather Jacket

We’ve given the humble leather jacket a ‘grown up’ makeover. It’s got the look of a blazer with the quirkiness of a vintage leather jacket.


Embrace your 50s and learn how to dress for your body by shopping the newest luxury plus-size clothing arrivals from Sante Grace here.


How to Dress When You’re Over 60 and Overweight


Turning 60 doesn’t mean you have to start dressing as your grandmother did. Today, 60 is the new 40. Celebrities over 60, such as Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep, and Helen Mirren, are showing that age is only a number. 60 is no longer ‘old’ – it’s middle life.


You won’t be wearing the same thing you wore at 30, but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore trends. Most women gain weight as they age. If you’re over 60 and overweight, you might find yourself with a closet full of clothes you no longer want to wear.


At Sante Grace, we believe in loving the body you’re in. Turning 60 doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. A few new pieces and a re-focus of your closet will help you fall back in love with fashion. We’re sharing our guide on how to dress when you’re over 60 and overweight.


Spoiler alert: it’s all about knowing your body.


What Clothes to Avoid When You’re Overweight

Fashion has no rules. You can wear what makes you look and feel good. However, there are a few misconceptions that plus-size women face when they’re over 60. There are common mistakes that you want to avoid, including ones that can make you look older.


Baggy and oversized clothes

As women get older, there’s a myth that they have to hide their bodies. This myth has been disproven hundreds of times by women who aren’t afraid to embrace their curves – well past the age of 60.


While we all love wearing baggy clothes to relax at home, don’t let them become the sole focus of your closet. Oversized clothing will find your natural figure and often make you appear bigger than you are. Most women find themselves wearing so-called ‘frumpy’ clothing once they hit 60.


Build a closet around clothes that fit your current body and lifestyle.


Wearing only black

Morticia Addams may be a style muse for most women, but black isn’t the closet hero people think it is. Black can be chic when styled correctly. However, it often becomes a crutch for women who want to hide their bodies under layers of dark clothes.


There’s nothing more stylish than a little black dress. When you’re 60 and overweight, you want to know how to wear black to your benefit. It’s the perfect choice when you want a classic look that is understated and elegant. Add a pop of color to your outfit, whether it’s a gold pendant or bright lipstick.


Black has a place in every woman’s wardrobe – but don’t let it become your signature color.


Outdated Glasses

By the time we hit 60, most women are wearing glasses – even if they’re just for reading. Treat yourself to a new pair of glasses (and sunglasses) in a classic or contemporary style. Wearing older eyeglasses can instantly age you. Shop around for glasses that complement your face shape and skin, especially if you’re starting to show signs of aging. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your glasses and make a statement.


What Can You Not Wear When You’re Over 60?

You can keep wearing most of the same clothes at 60 as you were wearing at 50. Gone are the days when 60-year-olds wore frumpy clothes.


Don’t believe us? The characters in ‘And Just Like That’ are the same age as the characters in the first season of Golden Girls. Older women are still wearing what they want, whatever age they are.


There are only a few things you can’t wear when you’re over 60. Ill-fitting clothes are top of the list. It’s natural that your weight will fluctuate as you get older. Take the time to go through your closet and sell, donate or re-home clothes that no longer fit your body or lifestyle. Marie Kondo is the guru of turning de-cluttering your closet into an act of self-care.


What to Wear When You’re Over 60

After de-cluttering your closet, it’s time to treat yourself to new pieces. The number one rule of buying clothes when you’re over 60 is to understand your body type. Here are five things you should buy to show off your curves when you’re over 60.


  1. Bold patterns and bright colors

Plus-size women shouldn’t shy away from wearing bold prints. Take the time to learn what colors complement your skin tone. Darker skin tones can typically go for brighter colors, while paler complexions often suit jewel tones best. Wearing floral dresses doesn’t stop when you turn 60.


  1. Breathable fabrics

When you’re over 60 and plus-sized, you want to buy clothes that suit your lifestyle. Breathable fabrics are a must-have for dealing with hot flushes.  Invest in a plus-size kimono that will keep you cool through every season.


  1. Find a statement accessory

Rediscover what you love about fashion in your 60s. Find a statement accessory that you can become your signature piece. It can be gold jewelry, metallic loafers, or an oversized handbag. Add a touch of your personality to every outfit.


  1. Mix classic pieces with contemporary trends

Don’t stick solely to classic pieces and don’t feel like you have to be wearing the latest fashions. Women over 60 often find a happy spot by mixing the two. Seasonal colors can help transition your closet with contemporary silhouettes that complement your body type.


  1. Invest in a supportive bra

If there’s one thing you should invest in when you’re over 60 and plus-sized, it’s a supportive bra. You can’t keep wearing the same underwear as you did in your 40s and 50s. Treat yourself to an appointment at a lingerie store and get fitted for a bra that works for your current body.


  1. Find a style muse

There’s no shortage of stylish women over 60 that you can turn to as your style muse. Everyone from Priscilla Presley to Jane Fonda is smashing the glass ceiling of women in fashion over the age of 60.


Find a celebrity or style muse with a similar complexion, body type, or fashion sense as your own. Christie Baranski, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Seymour, Chaka Khan, Gayle King, and Loretta Devine are top of our style muse list.


Being over 60 and overweight doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of fashion. At Sante Grace, we’re reimagining plus-size fashion for women of every age. Shop our latest arrivals and find your new plus-size closet staples.


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