Creating a Plus Size Holiday Capsule Closet

Creating a Plus Size Holiday Capsule Closet


Capsule closets are our best friend. They’re an investment that can make your life easier. Choose your capsule closet wisely and it’ll see you seamlessly from one season to the next. Curating a plus-size capsule closet is easier than you think. It’s all about finding the silhouettes that work for you and investing in pieces that you can mix and match.


A plus-size holiday capsule closet can solve one of your biggest headaches of the year – what to wear for the holidays. Whether you’re travelling around the country to visit family or keeping it low-key, a holiday capsule closet can make your life a little easier.


These luxury plus-size outfits will take you from an after-work cocktail party to thanksgiving dinner and even a night at the ballet. A capsule closet makes traveling a breeze and will make last-minute holiday plans even easier.


At Sante Grace, we love capsule closets for their sustainability and focus on quality over quantity. While social media is full of ideas for straight-size capsule closets, we’re sharing some of our top picks for your plus size capsule closet. We’re giving the capsule closet concept a festive makeover right in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.


What to Consider When Building a Capsule Closet

Curating your plus size capsule closet can take a little trial and error. You need to understand your personal style and what shapes and silhouettes suit your body type.


The most important aspect of a capsule closet is one that only you can decide on. A capsule closet should suit your lifestyle, whether you work in an office, travel often, or live in a cold climate. The capsule closet for someone in Maine won’t look the same as one for a plus-size girl in California.


The secret to curating your capsule closet is to not get distracted by trends. You want to be able to wear your clothes for years to come. Start by investing in elevated basics, whether it’s a black sweater dress or plus-size skinny jeans.


Are you considering a capsule closet for the first time? The festive season is the perfect time to give it a trial run. Set your new capsule closet apart from the rest of your closet to become comfortable with the idea and test it out for yourself.


Our Top Pick for a Plus-Size Capsule Closet

Most of what you need for a capsule closet is already in your wardrobe. Most people start by setting their favorite pieces aside, including the clothes they wear on repeat. Building a capsule closet doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your clothes – just the ones that no longer serve you.


We’re sharing our top Sante Grace picks for your festive capsule closet that will see you through every event in your holiday calendar.


  1. Jeans You Can Wear Anywhere

Your capsule closet needs jeans you can wear anywhere, whether you’re going Christmas shopping or attending a festive market. Our ‘Want a Better Bum’ denim skinny jeans are designed to give you an instant confidence boost. Skinny jeans are the perfect foundation for any outfit, giving you unlimited styling options.


You can wear your jeans with knitwear when the snow starts to stop or keep it elegant with a silk blouse. While jeans are a staple for any capsule closet, they’re an essential for the holiday season.


  1. A Little Black Dress

One item you’ll find in every capsule closet is a little black dress. You want to avoid silhouettes that are too structured. A capsule closet needs a dress that is easy to style up or down. Our Black Poly Chiffon Tunic is a versatile LBD that you can style with gladiator sandals, a glitter heel, or even sneakers.


Live in a colder climate? Slip into black leggings to turn this LBD into a traditional tunic and layer up as temperatures start to drop.


  1. Monochromatic Jumpsuit

While your mind might instantly rump to red and green when you think of festive colors, it’s easier to stick to neutrals. Black and white can make a statement in their simplicity.


Dresses aren’t for everyone, and a jumpsuit is a plus-size girl’s best friend. You don’t have to worry about chaffing, while still looking feminine and elegant. Our Octavia’ jumpsuit is one you’ll wear for festive parties for years to come.


It’s a modern Cruella moment – with all the glamour of a Hollywood star. A jumpsuit will see you through any event this holiday season, from drinks parties to festive get-togethers.


  1. A Sequin Dress Coat

Sequins are always a good idea. Give your capsule closet a touch of sparkle with a sequin jacket. It’s a statement piece that will add a signature style to your closet.


While trends come and go, sequins are as much a holiday staple as Hallmark festive movies. Our double-button gold sequin coat dress is a 3-in-1 that you can style to suit any occasion and body type.


Throw it on over any outfit as a coat or style with a pleated skirt for a more whimsical look. Hitting the nightclub? Style this out as a dress with a black slip underneath. You can wear this coat dress with stilettoes for a classic look, ankle boots for a chic twist, or knee-high boots for a seductive feel.


  1. Plus-Size Kimono

You can never go wrong with a kimono. It’s one of our favorite accessories at Sante Grace and a garment we never travel without. Add a cozy yet elegant feel to any outfit, whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or an LBD. You’ll find us traveling in our tie-dye kimono this festive season and bringing it along for Friendsgiving.


These 5 pieces are the perfect basis for your festive capsule closet. While they’ll work all year round, their versatility makes them ideal for the holiday season. Whether you’re a fan of sequins or adore the vintage aesthetic of a kimono, these 5 garments have something for everyone. Build your capsule closet by exploring our luxury plus-size clothing here.

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