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Luxury Plus Size Clothing

Founded by Tracy Christian, Sante Grace is an upscale luxury plus size clothier. We design and manufacturer 80% of our offerings so it’s unlikely you’ll see someone else wearing your “look”. Sante Grace is named after the founder’s grandmother Grace Christian who funded her escape from an abusive marriage by sewing Vogue patterns for plus size women in her community. Ironic right.


As a young executive in the entertainment industry, Tracy Christian’s talent agency career took her to glamourous locations – with nothing to wear for her size 26 body. She partnered with seamstress and designer Casonna Gibson to create collections each season – but only for Tracy’s personal use.


There’s something about being able to dress the way you want to see yourself. Right away I noticed the confidence the clothes gave me. Finally I was able to unveil my inner super hero.


Flash forward to a decade later and the world is in the throws of the Covid -19 pandemic and the entertainment industry has all but shut their doors.


I knew that none of us should come out of the pandemic the same person who went into it. So I enrolled in courses from Parsons School of Design and took every class I could about e commerce. I’d already had several years’ experience working in textile manufacturing and had worked with important stylists in media. People like June Ambrose, Venk Modur,  Provi Fulup …  Sante Grace had to be upscale, fashion forward, and sustainable. It also had to be sexy. What does a girl wear when her client is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What do you wear to your client’s Paris premiere or even on the flight to France? And what do you wear when your lover is arriving in your hotel room. The answer is always Sante Grace.


Sante Grace represents something new in the curve market; luxury plus size clothing. Patterns are created here in the United States and based on an American croqui (body shape) so clients find that the clothes have a natural drape and ease that celebrates their curves. Sustainable materials like fine linens, Japanese denims, cashmere, silks of all types are sourced in secondary luxury fabric markets within the United States supporting other small business owners. Production comes out of the US as well by a small team of experts.


Join us and feel your power. Celebrate it in Sante Grace.

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