Sante Grace’s Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week Recap

Sante Grace’s Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week Recap


Our social media feeds have been flooded with Fashion Week content. Whether it’s our go-to designers or favorite celebrities, everyone has been sharing the trends for Spring/Summer 2023. We’ve been transported to New York, Milan, and Paris for the most influential events in the fashion calendar.


We always closely watch Fashion Week – from wherever we are in the world. Often, we come away feeling like the industry will never change, that it’ll always be catering to slimmer bodies and size zero bodies.


This season, things appear to be changing. We finally saw a more diverse range of bodies gracing the runways of the world’s fashion capitals. Brands like Chanel and X turned to models like Ashley Graham and Jill Kortleve to debut their Spring/Summer trends. While we’re glad to see the industry making progress, there’s still a mountain to climb to achieve size inclusivity.


While the world’s luxury brands were showcasing their Spring/Summer 2023 collections, Sante Grace was busy putting the finishing touches to our own. It seems like our designers are singing from the same hymn book as our favorite designer brands.


We’re recapping everything you need to know about Fashion Week and the trends you’ll find at Sante Grace for Spring/Summer 2023.


  1. Demi-Fine Jewelry

We’re all about fragrance and demi-fine jewelry. It’s a major focus for our Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Right now, we’re obsessing over Octavia Morgan and Tom Ford. They’re fragrances that will have people stopping you in the street to ask what perfume you’re wearing.


Though even perfume only lasts so long. While flowers die and chocolate leaves the lips within minutes, jewelry lasts forever. Demi-fine jewelry was all over the runway for Spring/Summer 2023 and it’s a collection we’re excited to be expanding soon.


Our jewelry is made using stainless steel and overlaid with 18k gold for an affordable luxury accessory. We believe demi-fine jewelry should be kind to your skin – and your wallet! You’ll find us wearing The Baroness as our signature statement piece. Do you prefer to be lowkey? Swap it out for The Minimalist for a sleek look.



  1. The Balloon Dress

Balloon DressOur version of the Balloon Dress

One of our favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2023 runway was this balloon-style dress from Ulla Johnson. It instantly reminded us of our best-selling ‘Forever 54’ dress.


We can’t wait to bring it back out of the closet when spring comes around. Can’t wait until then? We love using this versatile dress as a skirt by tucking in a chic white t-shirt or a silk blouse for an elegant look.



  1. Silver Slip Dresses

Sante Grace silver lame slip dress

Serena Williams is a goddess that walks amongst us all. While the tennis legend has put up her racket for the last time, she’s making headlines in the fashion world. Our jaws dropped when she stepped out in this stunning silver silk dress, complete with a matching cape for the Vogue World show.


Our silver lame slip dress was already sold out when this show happened, but it inspired us to bring the dress back! It’s currently in production as a capsule re-release with a limited-edition silver lame cape. Pre-order yours to channel your inner Serena.




  1. Caftans Galore

Couture caftanSante Grace silk charmeuse caftan

There are only two designers who love caftans more than we do – Saint Laurent and Michael Kors. The ‘70s-inspired caftan took center place on the runway, styled with bohemian accessories and gold metallic sandals for an ethereal look.


With caftans predicted to be one of Spring 2023’s biggest trends, we’re bringing back our signature style. You’ll be able to explore this closet staple in a new range of fabrics and price points, whether you want to splurge on a forever piece or experiment with the style for the first time.


Get ready to update your closet with jewel tones, eccentric patterns, and dramatic draping. Our upcoming caftans will take you from the beach to brunch with your girlfriends and your next exotic getaway.



  1. Barbie Core

Barbie core

We’ve had ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua stuck in our heads since we saw Norma Kamali’s fashion week show. The upcoming Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has set off a ‘Barbie Core’ aesthetic across the fashion industry. Whether it’s metallic pink pantsuits or neon flare trousers, prepare to channel your inner Barbie.


You can embrace the Barbie doll look with our best-selling flightsuit in pink lame. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming pink and fuchsia lame joggers in sizes 1X to 4X. They’re the joggers you’ll be living in next season.



  1. Tulle Dreams

Tuille dressSante Grace Tuille Cake Topper

Have you ever dreamed of a princess moment in tulle? There’s something dreamy about this ethereal fabric and the way it gracefully moves. While tulle may seem like ‘Princess Core’, this Fashion Week saw the fabric being incorporated in quirky and unexpected ways.


Simone Rocha is experimenting with tulle throughout her collection, even incorporating it alongside streetwear for a feminine twist.


Perhaps she’s a fan of our Cake Topper dress? It’s the dramatic signature dress that will make your tulle dreams come true. Wear it for a night out in Vegas, a birthday bash, or your next black-tie event. You’re guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!



  1. Feminine Silhouettes

Roberto Cavalli dress

This Fashion Week was all about experimenting with feminine silhouettes. From ’50s-inspired baby doll dresses to powerful wrap dresses for an Angelina Jolie-worthy moment.


Robert Cavalli showcased a stunning wrap skirt, complete with built-in shorts. You can incorporate the trend into your closet with our Arlinda wrap skirt with a more wearable silhouette.



  1. Pajamas Aren’t Just for Bed

Loungewear has entered its next era – pajamas for everyday wear. Don’t believe us? Listen to Kris Jenner! The world’s leading momager stepped out at Fashion Week in a monogram Tommy Hilfiger pajama set.


We must be on the same wavelength as Jenner and Hilfiger. Our design team has been working behind the scenes to create the perfect indoor/outdoor pajamas.


We’ve finally found the best factory, and our versatile pajamas are currently in production. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when they launch!


Fashion Week is a time that gets everyone excited. While the industry is always looking two seasons ahead, these Spring/Summer 2023 trends are ones you can start incorporating into your closet today. Shop all the latest luxury plus-size trends by visiting our new arrivals section. Happy shopping!







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