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Are you a lover of fashion but tired of going from store to store struggling to find your dream outfit in your size? At Sante Grace, we exist to empower you to look and feel your best, to explore your creativity through fashion, and to shop consciously and sustainably. We’ve put together advice on how what to add to your closet so you have every item you need to style fabulous looks for any occasion.

 Let’s dive in!


Clothing and Body Positivity


Before we share our tips on clothing, it’s important to begin with body acceptance and body positivity. No matter what advice you read, remember to wear and do what makes you feel  good and what’s authentic to you! There’s a lot of marketing material out there telling us how we should look and how we should express ourselves;  we’re here to remind you that you’re in the driver’s seat. We’re just here to help guide.


Your body is your home, treat it with love and kindness. Thank it for how it shows up for you and takes care of you every day, so that you can enjoy life. Love on her (your body). Fill her up with foods that contribute to your health. Make her sweat and after showering moisturize her with products that not only nourish your skin but smell good. Accepting your body for all it’s amazing qualities and anything you feel insecure about will help to boost your confidence, self-love, and self-worth. Truly the first step in looking good is feeling good. Read a book or article that stimulates your mind. Mediate. Pray. Call someone you love and make their day. Forgive someone. The goal is the have the outside manifest all the good stuff that’s inside. None of us want to be beautiful but hollow shells.


A Strong Foundation


Let’s start with the basics, the foundation and one of the most important aspects of any outfit is your undergarments. Wear intimates that allow you to feel sexy, strong, and powerful. Some of us use shapewear to feel supported and to minimize any insecurities. Investing in a good quality bra in the shade of your skin tone, as well as the colors you usually wear is super important. I’m a huge fan of Spanx. I’m just as likely to go au natural (Los Angeles has 115 degree days) when I’m able as to give you a Spanx like biker short under dresses. Especially for more formal events when I feel a little “jiggle” might be in poor taste. Some of my friends are using a “Faja” to produce a more sculpted figure.


Knowing Your Personal Style


Before investing in your capsule wardrobe, understanding your personal style is helpful but be open to experiment. When I was younger I would have NEVER worn anything with sequins. Now I’m a show off and everything is bedazzled. I can get away with wearing a sweatsuit to a formal-ish dinner as long as that sweatsuit has ornamentation or made from a luxury fabrication.  


Purchase items that suit your aesthetic and that you will reach for when it’s time to get dressed in the morning. Do you prefer more feminine and flowy silhouettes? Do you love masculine lines and more tailored pieces? Are you a fan of pattern and colors? Or do you tend to wear more neutrals? You don’t have to have definitive answers to all these questions, but knowing what you like, and what you’ll feel comfortable in. I support all the big girls wearing crop tops but I don’t want to be in one. Do you have a style icon? Gwen Stefani? Diane Keaton? Kim Kardashian? It doesn’t matter if you and your style icon don’t have a similar figure. Let’s figure out first what you’d like to wear and then figure out how to translate the look just for you.


If you aren’t sure of your personal style, look at the clothing that you wear most often, can you notice a pattern? Also looking on Pinterest and Instagram to see what appeals to you is a great way to discover your personal style.


Quality Clothing


At Sante Grace, our clothing is made from high-quality materials that look and feel luxurious and are durable so you can love them and wear them for many years to come. We’re all about conscious shopping. By investing in items you truly love you can create the plus size closet of your dreams.


 Sweaters, Blouses, and Shirts


luxury plus size clothing


We’re big fans of tops with a V-neck they look good on everyone. Pussy bow blouses are also great as you can customize how much skin you want to show depending on where you’re wearing the top, be it work or a night out with friends. We recommend tops that finish just below your pant line, which you can either tuck in or leave out.

Plus size crop tops that you can rock! If you aren’t a fan of showing any skin, pair your crop top with high-waisted pants or a skirt, it will still do the job of emphasizing your silhouette. And my favorite of all time – the turtleneck. I have a little bit of a double chin and a turtleneck gets rid of it. I love the way a good turtleneck sets off my jaw line.


Dresses, Skirts, and Caftans


Plus Size slip dress


When in doubt, wear a dress! Our collection of plus size women’s dresses, skirts and caftans will have you looking polished, gorgeous, and ready for a night on the town. Dresses are where you can really experiment with fabrics, colors, shapes, and styles.


Everything looks good on our plus size bodies. Explore all shapes to determine what you like best. And explore different sizes or ignore the size all together. According to most size guides I’m a 3x or 4x but I wear whatever size will create the look I want. Don’t be constricted by the number on the tag.


Some of our favorite dress shapes include empire cut dresses, shirt dresses and caftans. They allow you to either wear them free and flowing, or if you’d like to define your silhouette, you can always wear a belt at your waistline. If you’re looking for a fashion forward look, we are obsessed with our high fashion inspired plus size dresses with embellished details and figure-hugging silhouettes that are eye-catching.


 Suits and Sets



Are matching ensembles your thing? We love the versatility of our suits and sets, wear them as a complete look to make getting ready in the morning super simple, just add your favorite heels, sneakers, or accessories. Or customize the look and wear them as separates to get the most out of your plus size capsule collection.


I’m a big fan of pairing separates together in advance of actually needing the look. So in my head I already know four or five looks I can get with the same dress. Helps with packing and at the last minute you’re not struggling to create a “look”.


Pants and Rompers



Pants that are both comfortable and look amazing are a must. At Sante Grace, we’re huge fans of our joggers (all with pockets) that feature an elasticized high waist with a drawstring. This attention to detail allows you to customize the fit and look.  Who says you can’t have fun with color when it comes to pants! We stock joggers in a range of colors and finishes so you can style them both for your casual and dressy looks with blouses, tees, and crops.


Coats and Jackets


Balance your outfits and keep warm with coats and jackets that look great on you. If you love bling, we have a fun selection of sequin jackets that you’ll love. They will instantly amp up any look, even a simple pair of jeans and a tee. Otherwise, you could style them over a black slip dress or belt it and make it a dress all on its own, with pants underneath. If you’re after an investment piece to add to your plus size capsule collection, our leather jacket is perfect for every season and with every outfit, for work to weekend adventures.


What luxury plus size clothes are you excited to add to your collection? If you have any questions or would like more personal recommendations, please feel free to reach out to the team.


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