Introducing Photographer Dorese Bilal

Sometime last year I was introduced to an influencer working under the name, "Pretty Nici".  I loved her look and really thought she embodied the Sante Grace woman.  And her photography was terrific.  I've gotten to know Nici and her photographer Dorese a little better. I flew to Ohio just to meet and shoot with them. We captured fantastic images. It's Nici who is featured in our Vinyl Story collection and the images are courtesy of Dorese. 

Please see her self interview below.

From Dorese.

Thank you for you patience. This holiday season has been a lot and I am finally able to sit down and answer these questions

 1. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from and how did you become a photographer? Your influences?


My name is Dorese Bilal. I am married and we have one amazing child who actually gave me motivation to jump into my career path today. I currently reside in Cincinnati, Oh even though I still don't claim it all the way still (lol). 

I became a photographer through passion of picture taking. I used to always be the child with the camera at family reunions always taking pictures of all my friends in college and then my husband when I got married. People used to ask him who took your pictures do you think they can do some for me? After a several sessions my father sat me down and said “ Hey, you know you can do this professionally right?” From then on I have continued to sharpen my tools and continued to grow as a photographer. 


2. How do you balance being a business person and an artist?


If I am being honest this is something that I am still working on. Being a business and having to do every part alone can be challenging. However, the reward of just knowing that I am what is keeping my business alive and thriving is what helps me to continue on.

3. What drives you? What does your career look like in the next five years?


My passion and love of creating and bringing the best out of people drive me. When I photograph people and they say things like “is that me?” Or “this is something I will cherish forever” Those things warm my heart. Knowing that they chose me and the photograph that I take may be their phone wallpaper or on their wall because that moment is now frozen in time forever makes me feel overjoyed. 

In the next 5 years I pray to be exceeding my wildest expectations, severing a purpose that is greater than me and bringing the world joy through photographs and my art. 


Dorese can be reached on IG @Doresejenaeoirtraits

 Dorese Bilal shooting on location

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