I Bought the Whole Outfit. Why Don't I Look Like the Model?

The Art of Dressing Well: The Magic of Foundation Garments - Plus Size Edition

Hello People! If you've ever found yourself purchasing an outfit that you absolutely adore, only to wonder why it doesn't quite have the same wow factor as it did on the mannequin or model, you're not alone. The secret to achieving that stunning look you want often lies in the foundation garments you choose to wear. I'm Tracy Christian, the proud owner and head designer at Sante Grace, and I'm here to shed light on the magic of foundation garments.

The Power of Foundation Garments

Foundation garments, often referred to as undergarments, serve as the building blocks of your look. They are the unsung heroes of the fashion world, playing a pivotal role in how your clothing fits and how you feel. To put it simply, they can make or break an outfit. Let's explore how the right foundation garments can elevate your style and provide you with that elusive "model look."

Choosing the Right Foundation Garments

The key to achieving that model-esque look lies in selecting the appropriate foundation garments for your outfit and the effect you want to achieve. Foundation garments come in a variety of styles, each with its unique purpose:

  1. The Correct Bra:
  • Some bras provide lift.
  • Some offer separation.
  • Others allow for a more natural bounce.

You determine the effect that's most appropriate for your outfit. If you're aiming for a conservative and buttoned-up look, you'll want to select a bra that doesn't push your bust up too much. This will give you a more demure and corporate appearance.

  1. Panties and Shapewear:
  • Full-coverage microfiber panties can help prevent visible panty lines, which is especially important for those of us with curvier figures.
  • Shapewear, like high-waisted briefs or body shapers, can provide additional support and help create a smoother silhouette.

The type of panties or shapewear you choose can significantly impact the fit and overall appearance of your clothing.

  1. Slips and Camisoles:
  • Slips and camisoles can add an extra layer that not only provides modesty but also creates a seamless and polished look.

Selecting the right slip or camisole can prevent your outfit from clinging to your body in all the wrong places, ensuring it drapes elegantly.

The Sante Grace Approach

At Sante Grace, we understand the transformative power of foundation garments. Our mission is to empower full-figured women to look and feel their best, no matter the occasion. We know that achieving that ideal look goes beyond just the clothes and jewelry; it extends to the foundation garments you choose to wear.

When I meet with conservative clients or want to project a more corporate image, I opt for foundation garments that offer a more restrained and polished appearance. I choose full-coverage microfiber panties that eliminate any risk of panty lines (a common concern for those with curvier figures). My bra is selected to provide the support I need without pushing my bust into a more revealing position. These undergarments create a conservative foundation that sets the tone for the rest of my outfit.


The Magic of Foundation Garments

The next time you find yourself wondering why your outfit doesn't quite capture the same "look" as the model, remember the magic of foundation garments. Your undergarments play a significant role in shaping your style and ensuring that your clothing fits impeccably. Embrace the power of the right bra, panties, and shapewear, and you'll unlock the secret to achieving that stunning look you desire.

Where to Shop



1. Lane Bryant - tried and true. Here's the thing: Lane Bryant has a wide selection and fantastic prices. They also keep their styles in stock for a few years.

2. Universal Standard - I'm obsessed with their bodysuits. I wear them under our Lolitas and Mesh dresses.

3. Nordstroms - They may not have what you need in-store but check online. Nordstroms is also available to order.

4. Spanx - The industry standard. Excellent product. I've never had anything from Spanx that didn't deliver. 

5. SKIMS - from Kim Kardashian. Lots of people love this brand. I've found that the sizing runs small.

6. Third Love - Obsessed with their wireless lace bralette. The Black is always out of stock so when I see it I buy several. This is what I wear under our slip dresses because if the lace shows it just looks like fashion.


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