Faith Over Fear

Overcoming Fear in 2023


The countdown is over. The festive season is finished. A new year is upon us. 2022 will disappear with a pen stroke as we look forward to the year ahead.


Soon our social media feeds will become clogged with diet ads, the promises of wellness culture, and fitness gurus telling us that hitting the gym will solve all our problems.


Your 2023 goals might be to spend more time with your family, get a promotion at work, or go solo travel.




It’s what holds us back from reaching our higher selves.


Fear is a demon that creeps into every aspect of our lives. It’s the little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t wear the sparkly dress because ‘girls like you’ should only wear black. It’s the thing that keeps you up at night. It’s the unseen enemy that is keeping your dreams as nothing more than scribbled notes in a journal.


You only need to set one resolution for 2023.


Overcoming fear.


Finding the Courage to Overcome Fear

Once you’ve overcome fear, every day will be like January 1st. Every day will feel like a chance to start a new chapter, turn your life around, and finally dare to achieve your dreams.


Overcoming fear is the key to showing up for yourself in life. It’s the key to changing every aspect of your life, from the trivial to the defining.


Even the most confident people in life feel fear. It shows up as self-doubt and in the actions that lead to self-sabotage. It’s fear that makes you think you can’t sign up for online dating because of the way that you look. Fear is what’s holding you back from following your dreams. It’s the enemy that’s making you think you’re not ‘smart enough’ to become an entrepreneur.


The secret to overcoming fear is courage. Brene Brown went viral on social media and became the world’s most famous self-help guru with her TedTalk on “The Power of Vulnerability”. She’s gone on to write a series of books, continue her research, and provide storytelling through her podcasts.


Brene has spent over 20 years studying vulnerability, shame, courage, and empathy. At the heart of her research is the idea that “you can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability”. Fear is vulnerability at its highest level.


If you’re not sure where to start on your journey of overcoming fear, sit down with Brene Brown. Her website is full of hundreds of articles, podcast episodes, and videos to help you navigate the path of overcoming fear.


One of my favorites is the podcast episode entitled “Fear Less: How to Win at Life Without Losing Yourself”. It dives into the idea of anxiety, fear, and perfectionism. Brene’s guest on this episode is Pippa Grange, the author of the book by the same title as this podcast episode.


It’s Pippa’s thesis that living life with less fear is the key to finding our real passions and experiencing deeper fulfillment in life. Replacing fear with courage will allow us to connect with the people around us on a deeper level than ever before.


Life isn’t about trophies, glittering achievements, and beating others to get to the top. Overcoming fear is about realizing that success is when you win from within by leading life by tapping into your courage.


Brene used a 2013 interview to say that “people are sick of being afraid all the time… people want to be brave again. So, the message is, do it! Get your courage on”. Take advantage of social media and assets like podcasts to guide you during your journey of overcoming fear.


How I Overcame Fear

Trust me. I’ve been there. Overcoming fear and facing your insecurities and vulnerability isn’t easy.


Fear has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. It’s the emotion that stops us from getting back on a bike after falling off. It’s what makes us think we’re not good enough to show off our talents.


I’ve been there – more times than I can count. Even though I’ve found ways of overcoming fear, it’s still a part of my everyday life. It’s the little voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough.


For me, God is the key to overcoming fear. I’ve channeled my faith in God to combat my fears – big and small. We’re all made in God’s image and his love for us is what gives us strength. Nothing is too big or unachievable when we call upon Him for guidance.

Don’t let me deceive you. I’m still scared at times. I was scared – but excited – when I started Sante Grace. I still get those tell-tale butterflies in my stomach before a new collection launch. Fear pops up in my everyday life as well – disguising itself as everything from anxiety to body dysmorphia.


Fear is a universal human emotion. I still experience fear, but I’m no longer immobilized by it – not when I have the Lord on my side.


Not everyone will overcome fear in the same way, and I appreciate that. We all can find ways that work for us to overcome fear.


Setting Your Intentions for 2023

2023 is the year to overcome your fears.


I don’t know you – but I believe in you.


We’re all committing to overcoming our fears in 2023 – big and small. Take the first step with us by looking fear in the face and deciding to live your life as you want to.


And remember, I believe in you.


Welcome your stories about overcoming anxiety and fear. Have an awesome 2023!




Sante Grace

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