Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. - Audrey Hepburn

I love what I do. 💋💋

Clothing and fashion play a big part in how we're able to show up in the world. Here's what I mean - 

There have been lots of times I wasn't 100% confident or comfortable in my surroundings and in those times I made sure that my wardrobe gave the lift; the support that I needed to win the day. Sometimes it's a simple as that. You go on a first date. You want to make sure that YOU are in love with your outfit; even if you date isn't.

For so long in the plus size fashion world there was a glass ceiling on how we could "show up". A lack of options in plus size clothing meant we were constantly trying to configure looks. And if you wanted to be sexy or avant garde well those looks didn't exist at all.

That's what we're trying to change. Sante Grace just wants to give women another option. Another way of showing up in the world. Let us know what you've always wanted to wear.


xoxo Tracy

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