Dressing For Your 40s While Plus

How to Dress When You’re Over 40 and Overweight


40 is an age that women used to dread. Today, 40 is the new 25. It’s a time when most women are scaling their careers, exploring entrepreneurship, ticking off milestones, and caring for their families. Your 40s are also a time when you might start struggling with your identity.


Women in their 40s wear many different hats – from business owners to mothers and professionals to caregivers. It’s easy for your clothing to take a backseat or to start to feel more like a uniform.


Learning how to dress when you’re over 40 and overweight is easier than you think. It’s all about rediscovering your body. At Sante Grace, we want to empower our community to love every inch of their body – whatever their age.


We’re sharing our guide on how to dress when you’re over 40 and overweight. As part of our Sante Grace community, we want to give you access to the plus-size fashion trends that will empower you through your 40s.


What to Wear When You’re 40 and Overweight

The key to being stylish in your 40s is to wear clothes that fit you, especially when you’re overweight. It’s time to look at your closet with fresh eyes. We’ve all got clothes that don’t fit us anymore or suit our style. Embrace a new chapter of your life and get rid of the clothes that no longer serve you.


Get rid of baggy clothes that hide your figure and make you look bigger than you are. While we love oversized clothes for lounging at home, don’t let them become your go-to clothes. Your clothes shouldn’t be too tight as to be uncomfortable but fitted enough to show your natural figure.


Don’t be afraid to let your style evolve with time. The clothes you were wearing at 30 probably aren’t what you’re connecting with at 40. Clothing is the purest way of expressing your personality. Let your style evolve and be prepared to try new trends and silhouettes to fit your changing body.


Take the time to edit your closet to fit your lifestyle. Are you still going to the office 5 days a week? If not, it’s time to edit down your workwear. Do you travel more in your 40s than you did in your 30s? Consider investing in elevated basics.


You want to wear clothes that suit your body and lifestyle when you’re 40 and plus-size.


What Can You Not Wear When You’re Over 40?

The rules of fashion are evolving quicker than ever. Women over 40 are looking just as stylish as they did in their 30s. There are very few clothes that you can’t wear when you’re over 40. However, there are a few trends and items you should shy away from.


While you may still have killer legs, miniskirts should go to the back of your closet in your 40s. Switch out for a midi skirt to show off your legs, while staying modest. You can keep wearing your miniskirts if you slip on a pair of tights for a more elevated look.


Leather is another fashion trend you want to be careful with in your 40s. Going for a head-to-toe leather look can be too much (at any age!). Let leather pieces be the stand-out in any outfit, whether it’s a leather blazer or leather pants. Shop around for a silhouette and fit that complements your figure. Leather pants that don’t fit your body can be an instant confidence killer.


Get to Know Your Body Type

The best way to take control of your closet is by getting to your body type. Our bodies change as we get older. Your weight might go up and down, your features change, and your figure evolves. What suits one woman over 40 might not suit another. It’s all about your body-type.


You can figure out your body type by looking at your shoulders/bust, hips, and waist. There’s an online body type calculator that you can use by adding your exact measurements.


Once you know your body type, the first thing to do is invest in new undergarments. Your underwear is what will make or break an outfit. Most plus-size women tend to be bustier, meaning that supportive bras are a must-have. You don’t want your bra to be too loose or too tight. It’s worth making an appointment at a lingerie store to be correctly measured and to try out different styles.


Shapewear can also help to pull your look together, make you more comfortable, and give you an instant confidence boost.


What Clothes to Invest in When You’re Over 40

Hitting your 40s is a milestone. You deserve to treat yourself to new clothes. Most of your old clothes will look as good on you at 40 as they did at 30 – so long as they still fit. However, there are a few pieces you should be splurging on in your 40s.


A little black dress is an essential that every woman should own. It’s a naturally slimming color and is the most versatile piece you can invest in. Our black ruched dress is universally flattering, allowing you to wear it to the office or for brunch with your girlfriends.


Another essential to invest in when you’re over 40 is denim jeans. Invest in denim that complements your silhouette and body type. Dark denim is more flattering, while lighter denim can brighten your complexion and appearance.


Your 40s are the perfect time to invest in a capsule closet. Choose pieces that compliment your body type and match your aesthetic. Invest in tailoring for your capsule closet. You can take a $100 blazer and make it look like a designer piece with a little tailoring. Build a relationship with a tailor and start investing in pieces that you’ll wear for years to come.


Your 40s are for getting to know yourself. The secret to dressing when you’re over 40 and overweight is to get to know your body type. Invest in pieces that accentuate your natural figure and give you a confidence boost. At Sante Grace, we’re starting a self-love revolution with our luxury plus-size clothing. Shop our latest arrivals here.

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