Creating a Work Wardrobe for the Plus Size Person

Creating a Work Wardrobe for the Plus Size Person


Workwear fashion has evolved in recent years. Gone are the days of three-pieced suits and skyscraper stilettoes. It does mean creating a work wardrobe for the plus size person has gotten easier. Whether you work in an office or have a hybrid set-up, you need a workwear wardrobe.


While workwear trends come and go, there are a few golden rules. You want to look professional while showing a little of your personality. Neutrals are your ride and die. The most important part of workwear is that you want your clothes to fit comfortably. A little tailoring can make a $100 jacket look designer.


Every workplace has its own dress code. Start-ups and tech firms are famous for having a more laid-back dress code, while business casual is the most common. If you work in a corporate environment, you may be expected to wear more formal attire. You can find plus size clothing that works for every office dress code.


We’re deep diving into the world of plus sized workwear to help you nail your office style. Read on to find out about your favorite work wardrobe essentials for the plus size person.


  1. Shapewear

Your outfit is the armor you wear to the office. Power dressing is real. Heading for a big meeting? Presenting to a client? You want to wear an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. That’s where shapewear can help.


Not every outfit will call for shapewear. If you’re wearing a pencil skirt or a fitted dress, shapewear can help you achieve a smoother texture and avoid visible panty lines.


When you’re building a work wardrobe for the plus size person, it starts with your undergarments. You need a bra that fits comfortably and underwear that creates a smooth surface for your clothes to sit on top of.


  1. Build a Capsule Closet

Whether you’re getting your first professional job or just got a promotion, the best way to create a work wardrobe is by curating a capsule closet. Invest in the key pieces you can mix and match to make a range of outfits.


Stick to timeless silhouettes in a neutral color scheme.  You want a white blouse, blazer, pencil skirt, and a tailored dress. Don’t forget to buy office-appropriate shoes. You want closed-toe shoes that are comfortable to wear all day long.


You also want to invest in an outerwear piece that works with your lifestyle. If you live in a colder climate, choose a workwear coat that will see you through winter. If you commute to work, you’ll want a coat in a breathable fabric that is weather resistant.


Once you have your capsule closet, you can start adding pieces that catch your eye. Build up your collection with signature pieces in new prints and colors.


  1. Understand Your Body Type

Plus size workwear is different from smaller sizes. The same silhouette will look drastically different on a thinner person versus someone who is plus size. It’s why you need to understand your body type.


Choosing clothes that suit your body type will make you look more professional and emphasize your natural silhouette. It’s a common misconception that you have to hide your body away under oversized black clothing.


Shopping from plus size brands can help. Their garments are made with larger bodies in mind. Mainstream fashion brands design their workwear for thinner bodies and simply expand the size without adjusting the design.


  1. Neutrals Are Your Workwear BFF

Most workwear focuses on neutral colors. While you want to avoid bold shades, don’t be afraid of color entirely. Neutral shades are easier to mix and match, especially if they work with your skin tone.


If you have a cool skin tone, focus on crisp white shades, cool greys, and navy. You can add warmer shades of yellow and bright blue for a subtle pop of color. If you have a warmer skin tone, build your work wardrobe around beige, cream, taupe, and tan browns.


Neutral skin tones give you the most versatility. Specific shades to look out for include dusty pink, champagne, mauve, and mint green. These pale colors and neutrals will complement your complexion for an elegant look.


  1. Find a Tailor

Creating a work wardrobe for a plus size person is easier when you have a tailor. Find someone local who can tailor your clothes to suit you. A few small changes can make a pencil skirt look like a custom piece. If you’re plus size, a tailor can help you adjust your clothes to suit your body type.


  1. Embrace the Pantsuit

One of the most versatile workwear outfits for plus size people is a classic pantsuit. Well-fitting trousers can accentuate your legs and make you appear taller.


You want your pantsuit trousers to fit snug, while still being comfortable. Your tailor will adjust the hemline for a perfect fit. Avoid oversized pantsuits and embrace your body type with a well-fitting pantsuit.


A matching blazer or jacket will give you an elevated look that flatters every body type. It’s one of the most popular plus size workwear looks. You can wear your pantsuit together or mix and match it with your capsule closet essentials.


  1. Lightweight Layers

You want to avoid heavy fabrics when creating a work wardrobe for the plus size person. They can make you appear larger and cause you to overheat. Lightweight layers are more versatile and can transition your capsule closet from one season to the next.


A duster jacket will pull your look together and keep you warm when running out for your morning coffee. Layers are an easy way to experiment with colors and prints to add some personality to your workwear.


You don’t want to overcomplicate your work attire. Invest in simple silhouettes that can mix and match effortlessly. A lightweight sweater is great to incorporate into your workwear when the temperatures start to drop.


What is your favorite plus size workwear essential? Let us know in the comments below! Build your work wardrobe by exploring our latest luxury plus size arrivals here.

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