An Argument for Costume Jewelry


Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It has a history that spans back centuries. If you’ve ever walked through a museum, you might be struck by just how little jewelry has changed over the years. From gold cuffs to pearl earrings, jewelry is one fashion trend that rarely changes.


Most people view jewelry as an heirloom. You might have inherited a watch from your grandmother or been gifted a necklace for a milestone birthday. This jewelry, while a treasured possession, often comes with a high price tag and may be not suitable for everyday wear.


That’s where costume jewelry enters the picture. It’s a more affordable alternative to traditional jewelry and allows you to express your personal style while experimenting with mainstream trends. Costume jewelry can elevate your outfit, taking a little black dress from the office to the nightclub or adding a touch of glamour to a denim look.


Jewelry is one overlooked factor within plus-size fashion. Rings and bracelets are two types of jewelry that don’t always fit plus-size women. It’s why Sante Grace offers plus-size costume jewelry to complete your luxury fashion looks.


What is Costume Jewelry?

Traditionally jewelry is made using silver, gold, and precious stones. These expensive materials can last for generations but come with a high price tag. Costume jewelry uses more affordable materials that are easier to source, including acrylic, glass, and brass.


The term ‘fashion jewelry’ is used interchangeably to describe costume jewelry. It’s a common misconception that only high-street brands make costume jewelry. A quick stroll through a luxury department store will show you that everyone from Chanel to Dior and YSL sells costume jewelry – with an eye-watering markup!


Costume jewelry can be just as chic as fine jewelry. The difference between them is the materials used.


The 1920s and ‘30s saw the rise of costume jewelry with Hollywood stars leading the way. Many of the jewels they wore on the red carpet and at events were costume jewelry due to the valuation of fine jewelry of the same style.


While costume jewelry began its life as a way of replicating fine jewelry with cheaper materials, it quickly became a mainstream trend and a way for anyone to wear stylish jewelry.


Why You Should Wear Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a win-win. It’s an affordable alternative to fine jewelry and can be worn every day. We love to think of costume jewelry as a conversation starter. Adding a few pieces of costume jewelry to your closet can help you transition your clothes from one season to the next.

The benefit of wearing costume jewelry is that you don’t have to baby it. Wearing fine jewelry can leave you feeling anxious and nervous with costume jewelry being a fuss-free alternative. While costume jewelry can hold sentimental value, its monetary value is significantly lower than fine jewelry.


Costume jewelry is an affordable way to build your accessories collection without making a huge investment. Most brands will explore contemporary trends and quirky takes through their costume jewelry. A statement costume necklace can liven up any outfit in your closet.


The growth of costume jewelry is part of fast fashion, but it can be made more sustainable. Choose costume jewelry that you’ll wear often and make sure to store it correctly in a cool, dry place to prolong the lifespan of your costume pieces.


Gifting Costume Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular gift for birthdays, milestones, and special occasions. While fine jewelry is out of most people’s budget, costume jewelry is a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation.


It’s the perfect option for people who are harder to buy for or who have a specific taste in jewelry. You’re guaranteed to find costume jewelry in their favorite colors, metals, and designs. Look out for the type of jewelry that they commonly wear to get an idea of what costume jewelry to gift.


At Sante Grace, our costume jewelry is adapted to suit plus-size women with size-inclusive designs.


How to Wear Costume Jewelry

It’s easy to be intimidated by costume jewelry, especially if you’re used to minimal jewelry. We’re sharing our favorite tips on how to wear costume jewelry and incorporate it into your everyday style.


  1. Go Oversized

Costume jewelry is a case where more is better! Don’t be afraid to go oversized and make a statement with your costume jewelry. You can look at costume jewelry as the signature piece for any outfit.


A necklace or cocktail ring can add a touch of drama to an everyday outfit to elevate your look. The secret to wearing oversized costume jewelry is to balance your outfit and avoid wearing too many accessories.


  1. Play With Materials

Costume jewelry isn’t just metals and stones, these more affordable accessories are available in a range of materials. Look out for materials like enamel and glass that can add depth to your outfit.


Mixing and matching different materials is a fun way to make a statement with more subtle costume jewelry by layering necklaces, rings, and bracelets.


  1. Experiment with Trends

Costume jewelry is an inexpensive way to incorporate current trends into your closet. Buying fine jewelry to experiment with trends can quickly become expensive with costume jewelry offering a more affordable way.


Mermaidcoreis one of the biggest jewelry trends for 2023 and one you’ll find popping up everywhere for costume jewelry. These accessories aren’t always practical and buying a costume jewelry version will help you get a better cost per wear.


  1. A Pop of Color

Most of us have a color palette that makes up our closet. It might be neutral, earthy tones, or even pastels. Costume jewelry is the perfect way to experiment with new shades and add a pop of color to any outfit. Keep it simple with beaded earrings or go all-out with a multi-layered statement necklace.


  1. Add Personality to Your Outfit

Fine jewelry traditionally plays it simple, whether it’s a diamond tennis bracelet or pearl earrings. Costume jewelry is where you can express your personality. There’s something for everyone, whether you dream of vintage jewelry or want to show your love for animals with quirky earrings. Use your costume jewelry to show the world who you are.


Make your jewelry box a treasure cove by exploring the latest plus-size costume jewelry at Sante Grace here.

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